The Cost of Infertility: How to Navigate the Finances of IVF

By Erin Wood, Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Advanced Solutions After my struggle with pregnancy issues, I was surprised by how quickly I found out I wasn’t alone. Friends, relatives, coworkers – people I’d known for years – were suddenly sharing with me a vital but private p …
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How to do Your Estate Plan, Your Way

By Mike Gertsema, CEO & Wealth Advisor This is going to be an unusual blog about estate planning because instead of discussing the dos and don’ts or going into a lot of legal documents and procedures, I want to discuss estate planning on how I’ve witnessed it with my clients over the la …

Knowing Your Why in Finances (and the Rest of Life)

By Mike Gertsema, CEO & Wealth Advisor I’ve just finished the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek after it was recommended to me several times by friends and colleagues. It helps you think deeply about why you do the work you do.

When the Unthinkable Happened – Phase 2

By Jackie Heater, Director of Operations   In my previous blog, “5 Tips I Wish I’d Known When the Unthinkable Happened,” I talked about the immediate things that need to be taken care of: funeral arrangements, bills, insurance, bank accounts, investment accounts and various other finan …

The Power of ‘Emotional ROI’ Through Charitable Giving

Return on Investment (ROI) is a term you learn about 5 minutes into your first class in business school. Maybe the business model is elegant and the organization is streamlined, but that all begs the question: what is the ROI? How much will we make?

Ladies – Are You Planning for Your Security in Retirement?

While there are many challenges, these are the five most prominent that come to my mind when I think about retirement security for women. Sit back and think about all the decisions you make in life today that have an impact on your security in the future
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8 Legitimate Tax Loopholes You May Be Missing

8 Legitimate Tax Loopholes You May Be Missing

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