Market Commentary: What a Month!

The S&P 500 gained 8.9% in November for one of its best monthly returns ever. One month ago, stocks were in a correction, fear was everywhere, and talk of a new bear market and a recession were in the news. Then a funny thing happened … stocks soared!

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Market Commentary: First Vaccines Roll Out as Unemployment Claims Remain High

Initial jobless claims reached an 11-week high based on data reported last week. More than 850,000 workers filed initial unemployment claims (Figure 1). While processing delays around the Thanksgiving holiday affected the data, even after adjusting for the break it appears the economic lull …

Estate Planning for the Family Farm and Your Legacy

As a financial advisor who’s spent her career in the midwest, I’ve worked with more farm families than I can count. From buying new expensive equipment to riding out the drought years, there can be millions in play even on small family operations. Estate planning – splitting up the land bet …

Looking Ahead to 2021 and How to Be Prepared Financially

By Mike Gertsema, CEO & Wealth Advisor Let’s take a look into 2021. The election is over, there are vaccines available for COVID, and maybe we will get back to the way it was – where we can socialize without fear, hug grandparents, shake hands and gather. I wonder if that’s possible. Ev …

Giving to Charity for the Holidays, Even Though It’s 2020

Chances are, between basting the turkey and watching the football during the holidays, you’ll find yourself giving to the causes and organizations you believe in. In the U.S., 30% of the year’s charitable giving is done in December, and 10% of the annual giving is just in those last three d …

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