Proactive Tax Planning Starts with Goals

All planning – but especially tax planning – should line up with your goals. You should never do anything solely because you’re going to get a tax benefit. Rather, you should always do things that tie back to your goals, with tax benefits being an added bonus.

Expand Your Charitable Reach

As a kid, Zachary Conway’s financial advisor father tried to instill good savings and charitable habits. Conway, founder and CEO of Seeds Investor, recently told the Framework podcast team about how that worked. When he got his monthly allowance, he divided it up among several containers: o …

Proposed Bill Includes Tax Increases for High Earners, Retirement Account Changes

Last week, Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee released a draft of their proposed tax plan, which includes changes to corporate, personal and other taxes, as well as retirement plans – though Social Security would be untouched.

You’ve Got the Mini-Fridge for Your College-Bound Kid – Now Don’t Forget the Documents!

My niece’s hard work in high school paid off, and she had many fantastic options for higher education. Despite being from New Jersey, she chose a liberal arts college halfway across the country in Texas and is about to begin her junior year there.

Knowing When to Update Your Estate Plan

From the family tea set to the most complex estate, transferring wealth – of whatever size and definition – couldn’t be more common. What’s less common but just as important is outlining a specific plan and updating it as circumstances change.

The Benefits and Rules of Using Qualified Charitable Distributions

There is a simple but powerful tool called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) that is a triple threat. They can fulfill your required minimum distribution (RMD), benefit your favorite charities, and reduce your taxable income.

Rebate Checks, Child Tax Credits, Unemployment Benefits and More: What You Need to Know about the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package

The latest stimulus package – signed into law Thursday by the Biden Administration – is built to boost the middle class and low-income Americans, the goal being of course to speed up economic recovery.

Why I Chose Gertsema Wealth Advisors

By Scott Keegan, Associate Wealth Advisor An old school friend recently took a financial advisor job with a large broker-dealer that toted itself on financial planning. He soon learned that his job was to try and sell life insurance to his friends and family. His pay after six months was 10 …

What Grade Would You Give Your Advisor?

By Mike Gertsema, CEO & Wealth Advisor I was recently referred to a new client couple and did a virtual zoom meeting since they lived out of Missouri. I’ll call them Bob and Julie. I’m thankful that technology allows us to meet people online so we can all put a face with a name. It …

Figuring Out Who You Are Can Help You With Retirement Planning

By Nick Gertsema, CFP®, ChFC®, RICP®, AIF®, VP & Wealth Advisor If you were asked to sit down and define who you are, how would you describe yourself? It is not uncommon for someone to tie a substantial portion of their identity and self-worth to their careers. My Twitter bio says that …

How Professional Designations Help Us to Help You

By Mike Gertsema, CEO & Wealth Advisor What are professional designations in financial planning? A professional designation in financial planning is a stamp of approval that demonstrates to employers and clients that the person achieved a particular standard of excellence in their field …

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