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Read testimonials from our clients to discover how Gertsema Wealth Advisors has empowered people to pursue their own unique versions of a life well lived.

Stephanie C.


“We really enjoy the Gertsema team. You guys are super personable, you go the extra mile with personal touches that tell us we’re not just a “number”, you understand our goals and always strive to put the best plan in place to reach those, you put us at ease in times of worry (ie, when the market is being stupid and we stress), and you keep in touch just enough to let us know you’re on the job, but not so much as to be suffocating. We always speak highly of your company, when the topic comes up in retirement circles, we appreciate you much.
Now, to quote my ornery hubby, he said simply, “just keep the money rolling in and we’re good.”Leave it to him to be simple and blunt.”

Vince & Linda K.


“You always are available for questions or concerns. We know you have our best interests and goals in mind. We feel appreciated with the client events you have throughout the year and the Christmas gifts and birthday recognitions.”

John & Debbie R.


“We appreciate the explanations of our account when we meet in person. You always explain so that it is easy to understand. Also, you welcome all questions or concerns that we may have.

Your staff is always friendly and makes us feel comfortable when we have needed advice.

We definitely trust you with our finances.”

John K.


“We have been with GWA from the beginning. They have always taken the time to answer any questions we have had. Mike has been able to grow and assemble a group of people that will take this business well into the future. That is a very good feeling as a client, knowing you will have the advice of professionals you can count on. Granted there are no guarantees , but we have been happy with our experience and recommend them to our family and friends. “

Vince K.


“Our friends recommended Mike to us several years ago. We have enjoyed working with Mike and the GWA team. They are always available if you have any questions or concerns.
We trust them with our goals and their financial advice.
We look forward to their client appreciation events throughout the year.
We highly recommend the GWA team for your financial and retirement needs.”

Debbie M.


“We like the family atmosphere of Gertsema Wealth and the tax advice is invaluable. It is nice knowing that you all are looking out for our best interests and always thinking about what is best for us not only for the present but the future as well. I have no qualms about recommending them when asked if I know who to recommend, Gertsema Wealth is always the first to come to mind.”

Raunda L.


“Through good times and not so good, Mike has always done what he was instructed, always doing what was in my best interest. I would strongly recommend Gertsma Wealth Advisors.”

Kelly R.


“The Gertsema team/family provides expert advice & financial guidance. We trust them with our investments & highly recommend them.”

J B.


“My wife and I have been dealing with Mike and Nick for almost 2 years now. Great experience, they have gained our trust and communicate with us on any decision. Much better than the last group we used. I have recommended them to several friends. They are easy to talk to and explain everything .”

Kat M.


“We trust GWS with our money, financial planning and our future. Every question was answered until they were sure we understood. Don’t hesitate to truth them with your future and that of your family’s.”

Bill M.


“Mike, I’ve followed you through (I think) 4 “affiliations” since your arrival in St. Joseph and I consider that a testament to the level of trust I and many others have in you and those you’ve selected for your team. I’m always impressed with your growth and attribute it to your perseverance and performancem plus the personal touch you add to the relationship. Of course, I’m facing the stress and reality of your pending retirement, but see that you will leave GWS in very capable hands. Thanks for all that you’ve don’e for me!!”



“I chose GWS because of the recommendations of friends and knowing so many co-workers had gone with them.

My decision to retire came rather sudden. I had been putting off visiting GWA because I thought there were still a few years I’d be working. When the company I worked for decided to make changes to how they paid out pensions I had to act fairly quickly. I didn’t have  great knowledge of how pensions and 401k accounts work and now had little time to figure it out. I made my appointment with GWA and met with Nick, Cristina and a few others. They looked over what I had and let me know what they could do for me both short and long term.  It took a few visits (I needed to hear the same things over and over) but it was an easy decision to go with GWA. I have never seen a more professional group of people and are the definition of customer service! When given the opportunity I recommend GWA to anyone who mentions retirement, they are easy to talk to and help you understand all the ‘complicated stuff.’ I always feel welcomed when I stop by the office, that are just good people!”

Lee & Leo


“We have been doing business with GWA since it was founded. WE were very impressed with their desire to review our past experience in investing and to include us in every decision made. They were never more than a phone call away and would sit down with us for a full review anytime we wanted to meet. We were so excited when we got a birthday card, or small gift in the mail. We were mostly impressed with their office assocuates and their friendliness when we came in with a question, or for a review. We have never been sorry for making the change to GWA as we had never received this quality of service before.”

Kelly R.


“When Kevin and I were looking for a financial planner, Mike was recommended to us by some of my co-workers. They worked in the Profit & Growth department & after researching their financial planners, they decided Mike Gertsema was the best. I trusted their opinion & expertise & made an appointment with Mike.

  • After meeting with Mike, Kevin & I came away feeling excited about our future.
  • Mike talked to un in terms we could understand.
  • He was excited about our financial future & excited FOR us!
  • We shared the same values – midwestern upbringing, family is important, hard working.
  • He listened to us & created a plan & vision that was attainable.


As the years progressed, we met our goals. We were lucky to be able to retire early – with expert advice & guidance from the Gertsema Team. The Gertsema family is always excited to see us. Always welcoming. Always interested in us as people as well as clients. That personal interest means a lot to us. We trust them, believe in their vision, & recommend them to everyone we know. “

Rick T.


“First, the professionalism and knowledge that your team displays is excellent. You are always able to answer our questions and support key positions with detail and reasoning. You and your team are always totally prepared when we meet for our portfolio reviews twice a year. These reviews are really helpful and valuable to us.

Secondly, during all of our communications and follow-ups, it is clear that the Gertsema employees put all of their clients best interests at the forefront, and are truly concerned with the individual’s story/standing/needs. It is realized that Mike and his team have many, many clients, however, whenever we meet, clearly our personal needs get their FULL attention. The Gertsema Firm does a great job of putting themselves in their clients shoes, and making recommendations and suggestions to specifically address their clients needs. Everyone is a little different, and needs their own special help. This is always appreciated.

Thirdly, the most important trait any company can display is TRUST. Through all of the years we have been associated with Mike and his tea,, they have always been trustworthy and totally upfront and transparent. We trust Mike with our portfolio ad have the utmost confidence in him. Mike is more than a financial planner to us, he is out friend.”

Ed W.


“Gertsema Wealth Advisers are a well diversified group of professionals in the areas of investments, tax and estate planning. They take the time to find out what you financial and personal goals are now and in the future. They have the capacity and skills to use technology to illustrate how your investments can perform and how to utilize tax efficiency strategies. Any time we have had questions, we have received a prompt response. We highly recommend Gertsema Wealth Management for your financial services.”

Lynn P.


“We were referred to Gertsema Wealth by my co-workers while working at Am Family. I am so glad we were. The caring family atmosphere is what we were looking for. WE know we are in good hands & go home after our reviews knowing we fon’t have to worry about our future especially since Rick realized we only have 15 summers as the company has grown so has they knowledge & care we received from everyone at Gertsema’s”

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