Expect Authentic Customer Service from Your Financial Advisor

By Mike Gertsema, CEO & Wealth Advisor

My wife and I recently had to find a new business for spring flowers and plants for our landscaping around the yard. I asked friends and co-workers for recommendations, and the resounding response was to go to Prairie Flowers in King City. I’ve heard of them, but the thought of driving a half-hour for plants wasn’t appealing. Nonetheless, we made the trip.

When we walked into the store and the greenhouse, my wife and I were both amazed by their huge selection. We walked around trying to get our wits about us and figure out where to start. An employee named Barbara noticed our confusion, and she asked right away if she could help.

Wow, that was helpful.

I explained to her what we were looking for, and she took us to an area of flowers that fit the bill. We have a lot of outdoor pots and flower beds around the yard in need of replanting, so we explained all the areas we needed to cover. She heard our concerns and said we’d need a professional, then went to get another employee, Mallory.

Wow, now I’m really impressed.

Mallory listened to all of our needs and methodically gave us options. She didn’t stop there – she got a flat and started helping us select plants for each of the pots that we wanted to plant. Then Barbara, the original helper, took the flat to a section in the store until we were ready for checkout.

This process continued for every area that we needed to plant. It was really nice for a professional to help us select the right plant for each pot and flower bed around our house and yard.

The great experience continued, because all the plants we had picked out were in a designated area up by the checkout counter. As we were about to check out, we realized we needed potting soil and wanted the fertilizer that Mallory had recommended to ensure success with caring for the plants.

The staff brought everything up to get checked out, then had a team load it in our SUV while I paid. That added even more value to our great experience, not to mention Mallory telling us the easiest way to drive back to St. Joseph.

Providing Value Beyond the Product

On the way home, my wife and I discussed our experience at Prairie Flowers and our excitement to get everything planted. We drove to Prairie Flowers just hoping to find a variety of plants and flowers to select from and some help on choosing the right plants for shade, full sun and limited sun. What we received was full service, selection and advice.

We could go to any big box store and buy flowers, plants, pots and supplies, but the service and advice are what we really wanted and needed. I don’t know if Prairie Flowers has the lowest prices, but I do know they provide excellent value. Flowers, pots and supplies are commodities we can purchase anywhere, but service, advice and a well-trained, knowledgeable team providing value above and beyond the product are required to be successful.

If you look at the businesses that succeed and those that fail, you see the trend. The businesses that understand the importance of providing value beyond the product they sell are succeeding and growing despite the economy or other circumstances. The businesses that don’t eventually fail.

Providing Value with Financial Advice

Customer service with financial advisors is no different. When you go to your investment firm, you want to get sold a product, right? Not really. Most people want service, advice and answers to their questions. When customers leave their current financial advisor and transfer to Gertsema Wealth Advisors, they don’t leave because of the product they were sold – they leave due to the lack of transparency, service, advice and communication.

They wanted information and advice regarding their personal, real-life situation. They wanted advice on when to take Social Security, and what type of investment most suits their personal situation, whether it’s an IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), an after-tax account or an annuity. They have questions about income taxes, tax law changes, required minimum distributions, Roth IRA conversions and having a financial plan, an income tax strategy and an estate plan.

People get frustrated when they purchase investment products because they think they are buying service along with it, but in reality, the product itself is all they’re getting – no service, selection or advice.

At Gertsema Wealth Advisors, we recognize that clients can purchase the investment products anywhere, from online investment firms to local brokerage firms. We recognize that some people only want to purchase an investment product, and that’s OK. The problem is that many people feel they are getting everything available, only to be missing out on what’s actually available – actual customer service with financial advisors.

Not a Transaction, A Relationship

If you’re looking for an investment product that also comes with top-notch service, experience, advice and great value, then I’d like for you to consider GWA. We’ve invested in a team of professionals who can help answer every question regarding your personal, real-life situation.

We’ve also invested in the technology to support our professionals in guiding you along the way, from financial planning, retirement planning, investment planning and risk management to tax planning and estate planning. We also collaborate with your tax and legal professionals to make the complex simple.

Our goal is to continually provide a great experience on a consistent basis and always strive to improve our services so that we never disappoint our clients.

Our mission is to empower you to make life’s decisions on your terms! Get in touch now for a complimentary consult, and let’s start the conversation.

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