Without a Plan You’ll Be Left in the Cold

By Scott Keegan, CFP®, ChFC®, COO & Wealth Advisor Personally, I hate the cold, but my love for the Kansas City Chiefs is greater. Recently my wife, Claire, and I went to the Chiefs and Dolphins Playoff game and let me tell you, it was cold! The temperature at kickoff was a bitter -4 de …

Letting Go of Fear

By Scott Keegan, CFP®, Chief Operating Officer/Wealth Advisor   It’s no secret that many people struggle with stress and worry. Admittedly, I am a natural worrier. I tend to think of the worst-case scenario first and what would my plan be if that happened. I always want to have a plan, a ba …

6 Tips to Winning with Credit Cards

By Scott Keegan, Chief Operating Officer/Associate Wealth Advisor I recently talked to a couple that was trying to work their way out of some credit card debt. They described how they had many different cards with certain cards to earn rewards for certain types of purchases (gas, hotels, gr …

What’s Your Mental Minimum?

By Scott Keegan, Chief Operating Officer/Associate Wealth Advisor There’s no doubt that one of the most crucial pieces of a person’s financial plan is having an emergency fund. This is one aspect of a financial plan that everyone needs no matter what age, income, or any other variable chang …

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